Creative Customs Restorations

We pride ourselves on customer relations and maintain a high quality of work with the understanding of setting out a time-frame that suits your personal requirements. Our high quality standard of work is covered in all areas from restorations from Vintage, Classic, Sports, European, or everyday drivers to showroom quality cars.

Give your car the build it deserves with the team at Creative Customs, as we deliver a professional approach to restoring your vehicle/prized possession. We provide the craftsmanship to design and fabricate each individual panel and repair the body to maintain its originality or to modify it to your request.

Our Restoration Process

Although each project is different, we are able to provide you with a brief overview of our restoration process so you know what to expect.

Complete Project

You have a Classic Car shell and some parts,
and you’d like us to take on the project from start to finish.
Should there be a part of your Classic Car that no
longer exist e.g. front quarter panel, we will rebuild one
from scratch.

Part Complete Project

You started your own restoration and are either stuck or lack the
know-how or tools to complete the project. We are able to finish
the project, on your behalf, at the highest level of quality.

3. Refresh

You may have a complete car but it is looking a 
little tired and may need some TLC with a fresh coat of paint,  
scratch and rust removal, suspension reconditioning, seat reconditioning etc.

The ‘finishing’ side of Creative Custom Cars is equipped with a
state of the art Spray Booth and Baking Oven so the quality of
finish of your car will be to the highest of standards.